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EPI Superbase Autumn Kitchen

A sleek self levelling floor is a delight to the eye and makes every room in every home special. When the Smits family secured their lot on Eiland IV, the southernmost island in Waterrijk Woerden, they already knew what they wanted: “A hygienic, seamless floor that radiates warmth, can be combined with floor heating and is sound damping. As it meets all these criteria, the EPI Superbase casting floor was a logical choice.


EPI Superbase self levelling floor in colour Autumn blend

The Smits family chose the colour Autumn blend: a warm grey with a shade of green. “We opted to have the blend applied rather evenly in the floor. When the first buckets were poured out, we were there to determine how the touch of the blend should be. The blend has become exactly as we envisaged. It is nice and even, with sometimes a slightly more pronounced touch in the spots where the bucket was poured out.”


Anti-skid and underfloor heating in the bath room

For the bathroom they selected a seamless floor: “In the bathroom the blend has been finished with an anti-skid fraction. It is not visible, but this anti-slip treatment really prevents one from slipping.” Underfloor heating provides extra comfort in the bathroom. “It is nice and warm to walk on, also with bare feet.”


Noise reduction

The Smits family designed the house together with AL architectuur. In some parts of the house, the walls are quite high, sometimes up to four metres. The Smits family comments: “For us it was therefore important that the floor application should have a positive effect with respect to the acoustics. EPI’s Superbase casting floors possess all qualities that are important to us. We are delighted with the result.”



EPI Superbase self levelling floor in house






EPI Superbase



EPI Autumn

EPI Superbase Autumn Dining room
EPI Superbase Autumn Livingroom
EPI Superbase Autumn Bedroom
EPI Superbase Autumn wastafel
EPI Superbase Autumn Stairs
EPI Superbase Autumn Kitchen

Meet our Superbase floors

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