Reference – Apartment Amsterdam – Corestone Classic

A family with young kids living in Amsterdam chose Corestone Classic in the colour Sky Grey for the floors of their renovated double ground floor apartment. They opted for Corestone Classic in Silky Screed on the walls of the bathrooms and toilets.


Sleek, warm and practical

The owners are very happy with their choice: “We were super excited and a bit nervous about how it would turn out, but are extremely happy with the end result. We wanted a sleek floor without compromising on warmth. We were also a little bit afraid you’d see every spec of dirt on the floor. Due to the blend of colours, you don’t see a thing. and the floor is really hygienic which is great for our young family.”

Because the Corestone floor is seamless it’s easy to clean and maintain.


Unity throughout

“Our house is all on the same level and we choose the same floor throughout the whole house. This gives a sense of unity and calm throughout. In summer the floor feels nice and cool and in the winter we enjoy the warmth from the underfloor heating.”

An EPI Corestone floor is just 3mm high, which allows the warmth of the underfloor heating to be conducted perfectly and evenly spread making for a comfortably warm floor in winter.


Matching walls

“For the bathrooms and toilets, we opted to also have EPI Corestone applied to the walls. It looks amazing! No seams, smooth and the blend of colours gives it a warm look. It’s a daily joy to start our day in the bathroom!”

The project was executed by our partner Karakter Vloeren and photographed by Stijn Poelstra

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EPI Corestone Classic vloer in apartment






EPI Corestone Classic



EPI Sky Grey and Silky Screed