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EPI Superbase Grey Light Kitchen plants

Guaranteed colourfast

After considering all possible options, the owners of this lovely home chose a self levelling floor with a concrete look. This floor does full justice to the comfortable leather chair in the reading corner, while its concrete look also provides a beautiful contrast with the high-gloss white kitchen unit. After having found your dream floor, it is good to know that you can continue to enjoy it optimally for many years to come. EPI Superbase self levelling floors are 100% aliphatic; this means that they will not discolour or turn yellow. “We are very pleased with our beautiful, sleek self levelling floor with a concrete look, which will definitely not discolour.”


Unprecedented crack bridging properties

EPI Superbase self levelling floors have extraordinary 3 mm crack bridging properties. These crack bridging properties reduce the risk of crack formation as a result of thermic changes in length (expansion in case of heat and shrinkage in case of cold) to practically zero. EPI Superbase self levelling floors are thus pre-eminently fit for newly built houses. Creative Floors advised the occupants of this newbuild house in Druten to place a reinforcement mat on top of the floor heating tubes, as this further reduces the risk of crack formation. The occupants may thus rest assured that their fantastic floor will remain sleek and comfortable, season after season. An EPI Superbase self levelling floor is a gem in every interior!



EPI Superbase self levelling floor for house






EPI Superbase



EPI Grey Light

EPI Superbase Grey Light diningroom
EPI Superbase Grey Light Sofa
EPI Superbase Grey Light Livingroom
EPI Superbase Grey Light Kitchen

Meet our Superbase floors

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