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EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi woonkamer

Olga has been the proud owner of a penthouse in Almere for a couple of months now. The penthouse is situated on the eleventh floor of an apartment complex and overlooks the water, with Amsterdam being on one side and the Gooi area on the other. The home was designed together with an interior designer and an architect.

 “We wanted to change several things in our interior, so we started off by speaking with the architect”, says Olga. “After we were satisfied with the new lay-out of the penthouse, we took on an interior designer to assist us with the styling. The process was so much fun! I presented my favourite colours to the designer, who then set to work with these.


Enthousiastic about self levelling floors

Olga chose the floor herself. She tells us: “The owners of Karakter Vloeren in Naarden are good acquaintances of ours, so we visited their showroom. We became so enthusiastic about EPI’s self levelling floors, that we organised an information evening for all co-occupants of the apartment complex. On that evening, Karakter Vloeren explained and showed us all sorts of floors. Some neighbours now regret their choice of floor a little” says Olga.


Mixing and application

Olga continues: “As we opted for a neutral interior, we wanted a floor with a blend colour. I was present when the first square metres were mixed and applied, so I could determine exactly how I wanted the colour and blend to be. The floor turned out to be exactly what we had in mind and we are delighted with it. Everyone who visits our home likes it a lot. We haven’t heard any negative comments!”


Seamless and threshold-free

Olga is also very happy that the floors carry on through into the other rooms, and even into the closets. “As the floor was applied everywhere, we have no inconvenient seams or thresholds at all. The floor is easy to clean and to maintain. I would choose an EPI self levelling floor again! It is a super beautiful and convenient floor, and the combination with underfloor heating makes the floor extra cosy and comfortable.”



EPI Superbase self levelling floor in penthouse






EPI Superbase



EPI Fauzi

EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi
EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi
EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi eetkamer
EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi badkamer
EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi
EPI Superbase kleur Fauzi woonkamer
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Meet our Superbase floors

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