The EPI Superbase self levelling floor combines a stylish appearance with proven durability.
This floor offers a resilient and seamless solution for both housing and appartment applications.
In contrast to the more traditional flooring materials, the Superbase self levelling floors are extremely warm, comfortable and also easy to maintain.

Corestone Nature

EPI Corestone Nature is a powerful flooring system that combines the lively look of a cement floor and the strong properties of a self levelling floor. Corestone Nature distinguishes itself from cement-bound floor because it does not crack by itself, is applied in 5 to 6 days and available in approx 26 standard colours.

Gusto & Rocca

EPI Gusto and Rocca floors have the authentic look of a Terrazzo floor. Whether you prefer a classic, or modern style, this versatile floor can do it all. The mix of colours and various materials ensures a unique floor that compliments your interior and meets your specific requirements.

EPI Design floors

EPI design self levelling floors are a stylish base for your interior design. The seamless surface makes it easy to clean and maintain. Dirt can be easily removed with a mop. The floor does not feel cold, add underfloor heating or a heatpump and the floor feels luxuiously warm on the feet. Beautiful, low maintenance and comfortable, but also free from toxic and harmful substances.

Why choose an EPI floor?

EPI Design floors are the perfect base for any interior, whether it’s an artisanal,  industrial or a more classic look you are after. Add to this versatility the comfort our floors give, especially in combination with underfloor heating and it’s easy to understand why an increasing number of home owners choose EPI seamless self-levelling floors.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect and the fact that our design floors allow for endless combinations, there are a number of practical reasons to choose a seamless self-levelling floor. The fact that our floors are seamless make them easy to clean. This type of floor lasts a lifetime, is very low maintenance and can easily be applied over existing floors.

Get to know our floors

Would you like to see our floors in real life? We have various beautiful floors suitable for any house in our “EPI Experience” showroom in Houten, The Netherlands. As we produce the flooring systems ourselves we are the designated experts to give you tailor-made advice on what floor suits your needs best. Our showroom is open on appointment. We will contact you and book an appointment based on the details you provide.

Who is EPI? About us

EPI is an independent Dutch family company and we are proud to be free in the choices that we make. For three decades already, we have put our heart and soul into the development and design of first-class designer seamless, self-levelling floors. This passion results in sensational floor products and spectacular projects.

Specialist installers
At EPI we produce floors. We do not install them. We entrust this to our worldwide network of specialist installers. Without exception our partners love their craft and eye for detail. When you choose an EPI floor we connect you to specialist installer near you.

Only the best
We put innovation and research first. Only the best is good enough. As manufacturer, supplier and distributor, we manage the entire production chain. That’s why we can fully guarantee the quality of the floors we deliver.

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